Learn more about ACL and Rotator Cuff Injuries

Doctor Corey G. Solman of the Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Care Institute, shared important information about ACL and Rotator Cuff injuries.

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Healing the Feeling of Pain

All people experience pain at some point in their lives. For some people, the painful experiences are brief and manageable. For others, pain is lasting, unforgiving, and draining. It can be overwhelming. Why do some of us hurt so much and others so unaffected? Knowing why we feel pain can help many people discover ways to relieve their suffering.

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Dr. Matthew Bradley playing Sled Hockey with the (Disabled Athlete Sports Association) DASA Blues Team

Do Women feel more pain then Men
By Patricia Hurford MD, MS

Women were given the ability to have children, an event that most would agree is not easy from a pain perspective. Women also have been labeled the “weaker” sex. Not only is that term used by some to describe women as less physically strong, but also less able to handle stressful and painful situations. But is it true? Or do they just handle pain better or experience pain more than their male counterparts?

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Dr. David S. Raskas discusses Minimally Invasive Surgery on Show Me St. Louis KSDK

Daily Exercises and Tips to Reduce Pain, Patricia A. Hurford, MD MS

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OSMSCI welcomes Dr. Andrew M. Wayne who will be joining us on October 15, 2014.

Daily Exercises and Tips to Reduce Pain, Patricia A. Hurford, MD MS. Watch the Show Me St. Louis video segment.

Daily Exercises and Tips to Reduce Pain, Patricia A. Hurford, MD MS

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Dr. Matt Bradley’s Genium Story

True Blue Hero

One of the first to be fit with the C-Leg, Dr. Matt Bradley fought from an early age to gain greater mobility for himself. And now as an orthopedic surgeon he continues that fight – for his patients.

Bradley Ottobock

Working on everything from rotator cuff injuries to amputation surgeries, Matt has relied on his Ottobock MPKs for true-blue stability during critical operations – and long, hectic days.

In his 15th Anniversary year of the C-Leg, join us in applauding Matt as a C-Leg Hero. May he continue the fight for his – and your – mobility.

OSMSCI Welcomes Dr. Corey G. Solman, Jr.

Des Peres Hospital performs Robotic Knee Resurfacing – Matthew W. Bradley, MD

Des Peres Hospital performs robotic knee resurfacing
Des Peres Hospital now is offering partial knee resurfacing using a minimally invasive treatment performed with a surgeon-controlled robotic arm.

Des Peres Hospital performs Robotic Knee Resurfacing

People with knee pain who have been putting off surgery have a new option to consider.

MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing– a minimally invasive treatment for adults with early to mid-stage arthritis that has not progressed to all three compartments of the knee – now is available at Des Peres Hospital – the first hospital in St. Louis to offer the procedure.

Surgeon Matthew W. Bradley, M.D., recently performed MAKOplasty on two patients. The procedure is less invasive than traditional total knee replacement surgery and is performed using a highly advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm system.

“With the MAKOplasty system, we can treat patients at early stages of joint degeneration, and with more precision,” Bradley said.

Prior to surgery, a 3-D reconstruction of the patient’s joint is built using sophisticated imaging and software, providing a blueprint for the surgeon. During surgery, a robotic arm gives the surgeon feedback to facilitate optimal results.

Compared to standard total knee replacement, MAKOplasty offers several potential benefits, including reduced blood loss; minimal hospitalization; rapid recovery; a smaller incision; less scarring; less implant wear and loosening; better motion and a more natural feeling knee.

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